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Throughout my career, I have done some of my best work under pressure. I tend to embrace those situations because it forces me to act in a quick and decisive manner.

At one job, I was told that a major client was arriving in just three hours, and I had to create a presentation booklet and print it out for their arrival. I quickly overcame that initial sense of panic, took a deep breath, collected my thoughts, and tried to figure out the best way of working on such short notice.

Those three hours were both intense and stressful, but I managed to create a powerful booklet and the client signed onto the proposal.

My strength, I’ve been told from many, is that I can produce great work quickly.

Starting from my first year in college, I had a great instructor that gave me the foundational and valuable advice that I still adhere to till this day.

One day I noticed an upper classman’s work and it was amazing. I told my teacher that I felt my work was inadequate compared to theirs. My instructor told me “Yes, your upper classman’s work is amazing, but do you know how long that has taken them? They have worked on that one piece their entire freshmen year. In the real world where time is money, this speed of work just won’t be valuable. 90% of the jobs out there require fast-paced skillsets. Learn how to do great work fast and you’ll be just fine.”

My weakness I’ve been working on is my ability to receive non-constructive criticism.

I understand not everyone can explain why they might not like something. To improve on this, I’ve been writing down ways to ask inquisitive questions to be able to deduce what the critique is really about.

This helps me to better understand the clients hesitance on a piece and can make adjustments to either the work or approach, creating a better end result.

I always try to front-load all of my work when I can. This way I can avoid a task that may take longer, eating into my deadline when it’s crunch time.

All of my clients are told ahead of any contract agreements that I always go off-grid on my communications the first three days. This allows me to stay focused on the main task and reduce interruptions.

Yes! Of course I always try to avoid overlapping deadlines before a contract is signed but the reality is, you will run into deadlines that needed to be changed due to the employers circumstances.

First I plan out the remaining tasks and decide the easiest route to their completion. Sometimes it is easier to work on one project at a time, sometimes it is easier to switch back and forth depending on similarities in the type of tasks required. If one is due sooner in the day than the other, then that one will receive priority.

With how I prioritize my tasks; my front-loading with three days lack of communication (which is agreed upon beforehand), has in my experience led to these type of situations being much easier to handle and accomplish.

This one is easy and cliché but it’s true – I love making my clients happy.

Imagine working on the same presentation for a year, constantly editing and redoing your work. You get demoralized and don’t want to look at it for one more second. You contact me, hesitant about letting it go but happy to have someone else take over (otherwise you might just pull all of your hair out). Then I return your project, it’s what you were envisioning it could’ve been but couldn’t get it there, or better yet, blows your expectations out of the water. Your energy is renewed, your passion for the project has been reset and you’re ready to take it on full steam ahead again. 

This – this is what I live for. It’s giving the support to someone else so they can succeed in what they love to do. I believe whole heartily that when everyone works as a team, great things can be built.

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” -Walt Disney


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